Thursday, October 29, 2009

I'll Listen

Lately, I have been faced with friends having troubles with their own marriages. Some having third parties, and some just having a hard time with their partner and relationship itself. I am no expert when it comes to love problems so I really don't know what's the best thing to say to them. So I chose to just be the LISTENER. Yeah, the soundboard, the shock-absorber, the shoulder-to-cry-on. Sometimes I do give my two-cents regarding certain things, but that doesn't mean that it's the solution to their problem. Because in reality, people with relationship problems just want someone who will listen and not someone who will judge them and shower them with sermons and advices. It's a great relief for them to have someone who will empathize with them with what they're going through, an outlet of all the emotions that they are keeping inside.

I always say that a "Thank you" is not needed after the talk. Because indeed it really is not needed. The fact that I have been trusted to know the details of the problem is a big thing in itself. Another thing, in some cases their problems become an example of what I should and should not do with my own marriage. It also validates the "love and care" that I have for my own marriage.

To all my friends who have been down lately, it's my turn now to say "thank you". Thank you for the trust...with that trust, you made me feel special. And remember, you are more than welcome to come to me...I'll listen. =)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Friends tagged along with the Spider

i'm having a hard time breathing...hahaha...due to excessive laughing!!! I heard my 3-year old son singing the nursery rhyme "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" but he has his VERY OWN lyrics:

"The ipis, ipis spider went up the water spout..."

For the spider it's kinda sad nga naman being on the journey up the spout alone, so he tagged along with him his two cockroach (ipis) friends. What a wonderful hike it turned out despite the rain hehe.

I Support Breastfeeding!!!

As early as my 4th month of being pregnant, I noticed that not only did my boobs swelled up but are also leaking with milk-like substance already. I guess I am one of those really, really blessed with an abundant supply of milk. With that, plus the fact that my mother breastfed all 3 of us siblings, I wholeheartedly welcomed and embraced the thought of breastfeeding.

I exclusively breastfed my eldest. So when we learned that we were pregnant again, we talked to Kuya who is at that time almost 24 months old. My husband and I told him that much as I want to still nurse him, our bunso will have to be the priority when it comes to breastfeeding. After a lot of cajoling and heartbreaking whimpers from Kuya, he eventually was weaned. But when I gave birth and he sees me nursing our bunso, he would insist on being nursed as well. And so, Kuya regressed, something which his pedia and I approved of but only for some time. Because I do not want him harboring any bad feelings towards his baby brother.

As a breastfeeding mother, I know that I have to take care of myself as well by eating healthy and by taking vitamins or supplements. But I am not a fan of the latter, I tend to forget about taking those stuff. So, having the two kids nurse from me took its toll on me last May 5, 2009. I was rushed to the hospital due to numbness and paralysis of both my hands. After a battery of tests, it was found out that the potassium and calcium stores in my body crashed. Medicines were directly injected into my veins to help bring up the potassium and calcium levels of my body. Afterwhich, I was feeling a lot better already. I was advised to have a daily intake of milk and vitamins.

I didn't mean to scare any of you breastfeeding moms or wannabes out there with the story that I shared. It's just a reminder and wake-up call to those who are like me before. For us to fully enjoy this privilege of nursing our kids, taking care of them and watching them grow up we should be responsible enough to take care of ourselves as well. But what the heck, look at me despite what happened I STILL AM a proud breastfeeding mom.