Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am a Career Woman

Way back during my college years, I foresee myself as a corporate woman. When I landed the job as an Associate I.T. Specialist a.k.a. Programmer, I achieved that dream and then I foresee myself like "Boss Kat" in 10-years time (Boss Kat is the intelligent, intimidating, ever-fashionable VP of the IT Department that I worked with then).

Four years down the path to being my own person's "Boss Kat", I stumbled into the so-called blissful married life. I gave up my career without any hesitations...why? Because I am part of the percentage of women who aren't blessed with an easy pregnancy. In fact, for my husband and I, it was a hit and miss thing. I had a number of miscarriages before the pregnancies with my two kids became a success, BUT both times are high-risk pregnancies.

At present, many years after I left the corporate world, I admit that I still do miss the feeling of cramming for deadlines, waking up early so as not to be late for work, dressing up, programming, debugging, attending meetings, talking to users about a new project and the likes. At times, I even fear that when the time comes that I want to go back to work I might not be hired anymore because I'm now nearing my thirties.

But hey wait...I do have work...I have two little bosses that demand every bit of my attention and time. I always have deadlines because in every move the kids make is a deadline that has to be met, if not the daily schedule or routine will be a disaster. I wake up early because once they open their eyes work begins (they don't even give me time to wash my face). I still do dress up, I dress up and play pretend with them. I still do programming and debugging...I program them, at times by trial and error, and discipline them into growing to be well-rounded individuals. I attend meetings...with my kids and Dibo the gift dragon, Mickey Mouse, Special Agent Oso and the whole gang of Playhouse Disney. New projects? Well, I talk to my husband about our plans for the kids' future, new things we want to buy for them, new ways on how discipline them, etc. Well I may not receive any monetary reward or special award for this job, but what I get in return is priceless and can not be compared to any amount of money...the laughter I hear when I goof around with them, being witness to their milestones as kids, the contentment of seeing them both healthy, being able to kiss away the pain of the boo-boos, the kisses, the hugs, the "i love yous" and the love and magic I feel when they call me "Mama".
I was and still am a career woman...kina-career ko ang MOTHERHOOD in heart, mind and soul.

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