Friday, July 17, 2009

Kiddie Anecdotes

I have two kids, two boys to be exact; one is a 3-year-old and the other one just turned one last month. It can be so amazing how kids like them can make us laugh or melt our hearts with the most trivial and silliest things they say and do. I would just like to share with you some of those moments. Read on.
I always love to sing along with whatever it is being played on the radio or whenever I just feel like singing. One time, while inside our car, my eldest son told me to stop singing. Thinking that he was just disturbed by my loud voice, I just sang quietly, but still loud enough for him to hear me. Again, he said "Ma, stop singing." I asked him, "Why?" He answered back "Because you don't sing good, you're off-key."
Here's another, I was humming and singing my youngest kid to sleep. My kid keeps on fidgeting and crying. So I stopped singing, guess what? My kid fell asleep as soon as I stopped.
WHEW!!! These two incidents got me I really sound that bad when I sing?!?! Hahaha...maybe I really do sound sooooo bad that even kids don't like what they hear. How come no one bothered telling me this before. All the while I thought I can carry a frustrates me. Well I guess I'll just have to sing when I'm pretty sure that no one can hear me or I'll just sing in my head.
I am a breastfeeding mom eversince I gave birth. When our 2nd baby came, the nursing sessions with the eldest kid lessened but did not fully stop. Months before his 3rd birthday, we started controlling and telling him to start taking his milk from a feeding bottle or from a cup. I told him, "When you turn 3, no more nursing/feeding sessions for you anymore, you'll be a big-boy by that time." He retorted "OK, when I finish being a 3-year-old I can nurse from you again." Smart kid, isn't he?!
It was nap time for the kids. Time for me to cool down and relax a bit. I was really stressed, tired and burdened by a certain problem that day, that I broke down and cried silently with eyes closed. Suddenly I felt something move. It was my youngest kid, he was already awake. He was looking at me, as if trying to decipher what was happening to me. I continued crying anyway because I thought that he wouldn't understand and remember that I'm crying since he is still a baby. Lo' and behold, he crawled next to me and looked me in the eye, as if telling me to stop crying and that he understands what I am feeling. Next thing I knew I was smiling because he kissed me on the lips. That wet kiss from my baby took away all the stress and problem I was thinking at that moment.

These are just some of the oh-so-many touching and silly moments courtesy of my boys. It just shows how funny, honest, naive and uncorrupted their minds and hearts are.

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