Wednesday, September 2, 2009

From a kid's point of view

Lately, you'll often hear me and my husband shout our hearts and lungs out: "NO!", "Stop it!" or "Do you want to stand at the corner?"

It got me thinking, as a parent, it gets tiring to constantly be on the look-out for any misbehavior that my kid will do, how much more for a child like him to be constantly yelled upon and apprehended? I bet sawang-sawa na din siya na pinapagalitan siya, di ba? But he's a child and a child will always be a child, no matter what.

The next time I have the urge to call his attention and scold him, I will think of the lines below and imagine my kid explaining to me...things that I think are the reason why my Kuya is acting like he is...the typical rowdy and mischievous three-year-old.
"Often times when you call for me and I don't heed to your call right away, it doesn't mean I don't listen to you, maybe it's because I'm too engrossed with the toy I'm playing with. I am not an adult who knows the concept of multi-tasking."

"Sometimes when I get over-'makulit', maybe it's because of the sugar in the candy or chocolate that you gave me."

"When I shout or throw things because I'm angry at my brother for hitting me in the face with the toy car or frustrated because I can't put into order the toys the way I want it, I hope you won't take it against me, because much as I want to control my emotions I can't. You as adults are having a hard time containing your emotions, ako pa kaya na bata pa lang."

"When you tell me 'No', the curious side of me wants to know the reason behind your 'No' that's why I still do it anyway."

"It is only natural for me to love jumping, running, tumbling or any other physical stunt because it is at this point in my life that I'm learning to fully coordinate my motor skills."

"I hope you won't get tired of pointing out to me all the colors, teaching me the alphabet, numbers, shapes, etc. and correcting me patiently, I can't help if my mind tends to wander off to that new show on TV."

"At times, I do misbehave on purpose. Why? Because I miss the undivided attention that you are giving me before our 'bunso' came. I guess I just got used to being your one and only. But don't worry I'm now getting use to and loving every moment of having a new playmate around."

I don't like the heavy feeling when I scold my kid, so I guess trying to understand what a child really is and what goes through his head is the best solution to this. In the end, the parents are happy and the kid is happy as well.

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  1. wahh i love this sis... oo nga noh.. kailngan lang tlga patience.. :D